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Hundreds Of People Have Lost Weight Here! Will You Be Joining Them?

    • Are you currently struggling to lose those painful pounds?  Battling between various diets and exercise programs?
    • Diets only focus on taking the weight off, they don’t teach you how to keep it off.  Weight loss is not a quick fix!  It takes an improvement in your lifestyle to keep the weight off.
    • Yet, hypnosis takes almost no effort.  Once you start the weight comes off easily because you have these tools and techniques in place for you to remain successful.
    • Go beyond weight loss and discover how Dakota Hypnosis can help YOU create and maintain the thin image you desire!


Start Looking Smarter, Feeling Healthier, And Become Richer! Quit Smoking Today!

    • Are you being controlled by your need for a cigarette?
    • arrow1Have you “tried everything” only to end up failing and falling back to cigarettes?
    • Maybe you are worried about withdrawals or weight gain?
    • We’ve helped hundreds of people quit smoking for good!  People who at first may have thought it impossible.  Perhaps people like you!
    • It’s almost unbelievable how easy it is to quit using these tried and true methods.
    • Find out how Dakota Hypnosis can help YOU kick the nasty habit forever!


If you are looking to eliminate pain without taking addictive pain medications, then learn to relieve your pain here!

    • Are you tired of being in pain?
    • Looking for a natural DRUG FREE way to powerfully relieve the agony you’re experiencing?
    • Come discover your minds seemingly unlimited potential to eliminate nearly any form of discomfort.
    • Both people in chronic and acute pain will quickly realize the benefits of setting the pain aside so that you can live your life to the fullest.
    • Learn why doctors are sending their patients to us, and uncover how Dakota Hypnosis can help YOU take back control of your life!


Sleep Better, Calm Down, De-Stress, and Find Comfort. These are habits that anyone can benefit from here!

    • Do you feel overwhelmed or out of control?
    • Are you losing sleep due to racing thoughts or stress?
    • Here is the solution.  A powerful, easy, and relaxing solution.  One which takes stress away and allows you to experience the relief you so badly crave.
    • Withe these natural and healthy techniques you can achieve amazing results quickly.  Yet, without them, you me be destined to suffer.
    • Come understand how Dakota Hypnosis can help YOU manage and relieve your stress!


You don’t have to believe what you are about to read, but if you could open yourself to the possibility that it could be true, your life will improve dramatically. First though, we want to welcome you to Dakota Hypnosis and encourage you to discover for yourself exactly how you can benefit from our services.

Now, just imagine for a moment that everything you experience in your life is a manifestation of your inner thoughts. Both the good and the bad. Because it is true that your mind is incredibly powerful, it has the ability to shape and alter your reality. This means that ultimately, you’ve created the life you live. Which is a very empowering principal, because it means that by making some seemingly simple alterations in your thought process here, you can redefine your everyday experiences.

Our goal is to help you super-charge your thoughts so that you can experience the life you really desire. We will show you the power within yourself, allowing you to live your life to the fullest. Which is exactly why we proclaim when you improve your mind, you improve your life.

  • I didn’t know what to expect during or after my first session, but what happened amazed me. I actually started to feel happier. Little things that happened on a daily basis didn’t bother me as much. I’ve always been told I have a great smile and laugh, it felt great to show those two things off this past week. Today’s session was even better, I can’t wait to see what the future has in store for the healthier, happier and more smiley me.

    Tracey Zmuda , Brookings, SD

  • For many years, anything sugary or sweet, or just the thought of it, would overtake my mind.  I was constantly eating something or thinking about my next opportunity to do so, and once I started, I couldn’t stop.  After my first session, that control over my mind and actions was gone.  I can see any treats or desserts and skip or ignore them very easily – very different than a week ago!  I don’t miss them and I really don’t miss the sugar crash and sluggish feeling.  I wish I would have done this years ago!

    Jason Madtson , Jasper, MN

  • This is my fifth session and I’m already feeling completely different; this is coming from a person who has battled with my weight my ENTIRE LIFE!!!  My relationship with food has changed entirely and it doesn’t have control over me any more. I actually threw away some chocolate cake I didn’t eat!! I’ve lost about 11 pounds so far, and even though every day hasn’t been perfect, I’ve learned not to beat myself up over it.  [Yes, I’ve had some cookies here and there!] I’ve come to realize that Dakota Hypnosis has helped me change my thinking and has helped me get out of my own way. I know I will be successful and I’m looking forward to the rest of my journey!

    Brittany Henry , Sioux Falls, SD

  • I started hypnosis feeling very bad about myself and my overall health was not good. In less than a year of hypnosis, I lost 60 pounds. I felt so much better about myself right away! I had more confidence, and I felt much better about my life overall. This was the kick in the butt I needed to be successful. It changed my life, and I now have skills I can keep with me that work!

    Katie Langin , Sioux Falls, SD

  • I had a wedding this past weekend and was shopping with my daughter.  After taking 6 styles in to the dressing room, I tried the first dress on in a size that was 3 sizes smaller than I have always worn!  It fit!  I looked amazing and happy.  During wedding photos I didn’t stress; I knew I looked awesome! Thank you!

    Melissa Plath , Yankton, SD

  • I was a smoker for the better part of 20 years. I decided I needed to quit, so I called and made an appointment, which was easy and fun! I feel that I didn’t quit, I became a nonsmoker. The cravings were very minimal at first, and now it’s not even craving. If anything it’s a thought of smoking and then you carry on. That is not how it was in the past! I feel better as well as having more energy! I would recommend this program to anyone wanting to quit!

    Derek Hadrick , Harrisburg, SD

  • I made the biggest decision for myself, that I never thought was possible.  I was scared but I knew I had no other options than to come to Dakota Hypnosis and ask for the help.  I was wanting to stop smoking.  I was tired of it.  I tried almost everything possible on my own and nothing worked.  I came here to see Alex on August 5th, 2014, and have never felt so good about giving up this habit/addiction I had to smoking…  Now I feel so good, healthy, free, and positive that I can overcome almost anything.  If you just believe in yourself and take the steps, they tell you to stay positive and focused, and I know you can do anything if you just take the first step and ask for help.  Don’t do it alone.  You will feel better when you know it truly works.  This has changed my life.  I’m free from smoking and choking.

    Kathryn Limke , Sioux Falls, SD

  • This was the best thing I have ever done to quit smoking! I have been a Non-Smoker since Jan 13th, 2014, and I highly recommend this program, as it works if you are committed like I am! I am A NON SMOKER NOW AND FOREVER! Thank you, Alex and Dakota Hypnosis! I LOVE THE FREEDOM!!

    Larry Bunderson , Sioux Falls, SD

  • Dakota Hypnosis helped me to quit smoking without weight gain and the process was effortless. I never dreamed that quitting could be this easy. I had concerns about mood swings, fatigue, and weight gain. I experienced none of these. This whole experience was well worth the time, the money, and the effort.  Thank you, Dakota Hypnosis, for helping me achieve my goal!

    Lisa Hatcher , Sioux Falls, SD

  • I came here a skeptic and left here a believer! With Dakota Hypnosis’ help, I was able to discover a power within my mind I didn’t know I had. I had (almost) given up hope that I would never be able to quit smoking cigarettes. Now that I know I can, and I have, my future looks bright and full of life. The guilt and dread I felt every time I lit up is finally GONE FOREVER!!

    Colleen Weber , Sioux Falls, SD

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